Saints Row 2 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)


Saints Row 2 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Saints Row 2 – game studio Volition Inc.  And THQ in the genre of action with elements of racing and arcade released in 2008 the continuation of the game Saints Row 2006.  The game has a diverse soundtrack which includes the songs of Paramore Young Jeezy and many others.

Saints Row 2 Game Overview: 

The action takes place in the fictional city of Stillwater.  The protagonist fled from prison and pulled out of the courtroom his partner Johnny Gat with whom they travel to the city and decide to rebuild their gang “Saints from the 3rd Street.”  They take refuge in a slum for their gang.  Then the main character finds for the gang three main gangsters each of which sends to “intelligence” in the remaining gangs and he goes to the mines of Stillwater to make them the territory of the Saints by intimidating the inhabited dungeons of the homeless.  Next the player has to choose with which group to start the war and the plot will develop accordingly.

Saints Row 2 Game Features: 

The protagonist or heroine is the protagonist of the 1st movement and is now the second.  After the events of the first part he (a) lay (a) in a coma for 5 years.  After escaping from prison he decides to revive his gang while removing all those who (him) interfere.

Johnny Gat is the Saints lieutenant and the best friend of the protagonist.  Only he remembers what the gang used to be.  From the dialogue between Judge and Geta as well as the speech of reporter Jane Valderama (In Saints Row 3 she is a TV presenter of Steelport) we learn that he committed three hundred and eighty-six murders and one attempted murder of police chief Troy Bradshaw (former lieutenant of saints).  In the mission Roninov was seriously wounded but survived.  Available as an ally after the passage of the Ronins.

Pierce Washington is an African American and a second lieutenant.  He has constant conflicts with Shaundi as she constantly leads him one step further.  He does not like rap but prefers classical music.  Available as an ally after the completion of the Brotherhood.

Shaundi is the third lieutenant and one of the few who pins Pierce (often).  He likes to smoke marijuana and therefore she is constantly high which often does not please the protagonist.  In one of the missions of the Children Samedi was kidnapped by the Veteran’s Son but was successfully returned to GG. It will be available after the passage of the Samedi Children.

Carlos Mendoza is a quiet young Mexican who helped run away to the main hero (ine) from prison.  He was to become the 4th lieutenant but the leader of the brotherhood (for 4 missions of the brotherhood) catches Carlos for the pickup and carries him around the neighborhood after GG stops the car he kills Carlos at his own request (Carlos was impossible to unhook).  If you dial “5555966” on your phone it will become a zombied ally of G. G. He is a reference to Command & Conquer Renegade where the character of the same name is present.


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