Saints Row The Third Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots


Saints Row The Third Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Saints Row The Third – a computer game a third-person shooter with role-playing elements developed by Volition Inc. The release date is November 15 2011 in the US and the European zone.  The game is released on PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and Onlive.  In the Steam network on November 3 there was a free character generator called “Initiation Station” and in the PSN network – a demo version of the game that allows you to create your own alter ego and put it on public display for the official community or use it in the game.

Saints Row The Third Game Overview: 

The main enemy of the gang from the 3rd street will be an international criminal organization called “Syndicate” whose paws lie on the well-known Stillwater.  The saints had no choice but to admit defeat and settle in the city of Steelport in which the criminal “ecosystem” is not yet developed.  Actually the branches of the Syndicate in Steelport with which we will have to fight for power throughout the game will be 3 factions the so-called “Deckers” led by a mad kid – the cyber punk Matt Miller “Lucadors” led by Killbane and a grouping  Called “Morgenstern” being the elite of the Syndicate and headed by Phillip Lauren.  The first shelter of Saints is the apartment of the former boyfriend Shaundi.  Pierce learns that the Syndicate has a chic penthouse in Downtown where they are going to host guests from all over the world.  Saints repel the penthouse and it becomes their headquarters.  Next the Main Hero helps Pierce in developing the business of the Saints.  Soon they will find out about the weapons shop “Gunpowder” which belongs to the Syndicate.  The boss together with Shaundi and Pierce storm him and hacking into computers will know the whereabouts of Philippe Lauren – the Syndicate Tower.  Saints are preparing to storm the skyscraper of Lauren.  There they find Oleg Kirillov a prototype for the Syndicate’s thugs.  They release him and the ambail leads them to Lauren himself.  He tries to escape on a high-speed elevator but the Main Hero overtakes him and as a result Lauren flattened the adjusted shock absorber masses.  Further at the player’s choice the Syndicate Tower passes into the hands of the Saints or it will be blown up.  The new leader of the Syndicate is Eddie “Killbane” Pryor leader of the Lucadors.  After an unsuccessful attempt on the Saints in their penthouse Killbane conflicts with Kiki DeWinter and kills her.  Further the Boss helps the pimp to Zaimos in restoring his prostitution business.  In the property of the Saints BDSM club “Stop word” passes and later after kidnapping prostitutes from the Syndicate Zaimos opens his brothel.  Meanwhile Senator Monica Hughes hires a special squad “KABAN” under the leadership of Cyrus Temple so that he eradicates crime in Steelport and ends gangs.  Saints kidnap the mascot “Cabana” -Josh Birka and Temple decides to attack the gang’s headquarters with all their might.  At the choice of the player the Saints will return Josh Birk’s Temple or they will leave him in the gang.  Then the Main Hero helps the former FBI agent and professional hacker Kinsey Kensington in her fight with the Decker.  They kidnap for Kinsey supercomputer “Cabana” and later beat off the Decker Nemo-chair and assign the Reactors to Bern Hills themselves.  With the help of the NEMO-chair Kinsey carries the Boss consciousness into the virtual Decker network where he defeats Matt Miller.  But the Main Hero releases the leader of the Decker in exchange for hacking the necessary for the Holy companies.  Saints continue to resist the Syndicate and even accidentally turn people into zombies.  After helping Mayor Burt Reynolds the Saints are supported by the government of Steelport.  Meanwhile Angel De La Muerta an ally of the Saints plans to return to the ring and defeat Killbane.  He regains the mask lost in a dishonest battle with Killbane.  After that Boss along with Angel out in the ring.  Killbane using “dirty” techniques sends Angel in a knockout and the main hero has to continue the battle for Angel.  He defeats the “Walking Apocalypse” and at the player’s choice disgraces him by taking off his mask or releasing him becoming the champion of the “Death Battle.” After that KABAN decides to deal with the Syndicate and the Saints staging mass riots in the streets of Steelport.  The saints prevent disassembly of the “KABAN” and the Luchadores after which the Boss learns from Angel that Killbane is going to fly away from Steelport and the fact that Shaundi is taken hostage.  Before GG there is a choice save Shawnee and with her the reputation of the Saints but miss Killebane or kill Killbane but then Shaundi will perish and this terrorist act will be blamed on the Saints.  The ending of the game depends on the choice.

Saints Row The Third Game Features: 

The years have passed since the Saints of the 3rd Street took Stilwater to themselves.  This is no longer an ordinary street gang but a real brand with sneakers energy drinks named after himself and Johnny Gat dolls with a shaking head that sells every shop nearby.

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