The King of Fighters XIV Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots


The King of Fighters XIV Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: The King of Fighters XIV is the latest installment of The King of Fighters series. It was first announced during the SCEJA Press Conference 2015. This game begins another canonical saga for the series. Garou Mark of the Wolves battle designer Yasuyuki Oda is the director.

Oda said in an interview with 4Gamer that the main goal for this title is to make it “the easiest to play” of the series. According to him the two major reasons for making the transition to 3D is to adapt to high-end machines and give 3D experience to SNK so they can compete in the console market again. He thinks it’s difficult to properly convey the KOF cast’s charm in 3D but expects the models to continue improving from its initial revealing. Oda hopes to cater to fans of KOF ’98 KOF 2002 and KOF XIII with this game’s mechanics. He aspires to improve the online matchmaking for this entry.

The King of Fighters XIV Game Overview: 

he King of Fighters XIV features full 3D models like The King of Fighters Maximum Impact but on a 2D plane like Street Fighter IV and its updates while keeping the same formula used in the previous installments. The Hyper Drive system from the last game is no longer present and has been replaced with a new version of “Max Mode” from earlier games in the series. In Max mode the player can perform unlimited EX special moves for a short period of time and the timer changes depending on what position their character is in.

The characters have three types of Supers the returning “Super Special Moves” and “Max Super Special Moves” the latter of which require a total of two power gauges to execute (one in Max mode on) and a new type called “Climax Super Special Moves”. Climax Super Special Moves are the strongest types in the game and will require a total of three power gauges (two with Max mode on). The game also features the “Just Defend” mechanic from Garou Mark of the Wolves. The HD thrust system now makes the opponent hit the wall and crumple for follow up attacks.2 The game is designed to play like The King of Fighters XIII during Max mode where the player can use EX moves and three levels of Supers that can be canceled in their order of hierarchy. For beginners there will be the automatic and simple “Rush Combo”.3 The online lobby has three modes team VS single VS and party VS; up to 12 players can enter and also spectate.

The King of Fighters XIV Game Plot: 

For the story mode players can choose a team of three fighters and interact with others depending on their relationships.5 Prior to the release the staff members stated that they would not comment about it yet except to reaffirm that the new game begins a new storyline.6

The story begins years after the last tournament when a mysterious billionaire called Antonov buys the rights of the King of Fighters brand to host a new tournament. But the end the fighters must confront a creature called Verse whose existence is the result of Ash Crimson’s time and space distortion when he changed the timeline in the previous tournament. This anomaly attracted characters from other dimensions and universes such as Nakoruru and implicates three characters called Shun’Ei Meitenkun and Kukri.


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