The Sims 3 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)

By | July 2, 2017

The Sims 3 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: The Sims 3 is a single-player video game in the life simulator genre developed by Maxis under the guidance of the game designer Rhode Humble and published by Electronic Arts.  In the US the game was released on June 2 2009 for PC operating systems – Windows and Mac OS X 3.  On the territory of Russia The Sims 3 was released on June 5 2009 its Russian localization was handled by SoftKlab 15.  In addition in 2010 the release of a simulator for gaming consoles PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and Wii.  While developing the console version the same game engine was used as the The Sims 3 for PC but the simulator version for Nintendo 3DS released on March 25 2011 has a simpler graphics.

The Sims 3 Game Overview: 

The player manages one or more Sims characters takes care of their well-being develops their skills strengthens connections with other characters promotes the career ladder and equips their apartment building.  The game lacks a storyline and theoretically in The Sims 3 you can play “forever”.

The development of the third simulator began in full in 2006 under the direction of Rod Humble.  This is also the first game of the series The Sims in the development of which did not participate Will Wright the founder of The Sims and The Sims 2. The main task of the developers was to create an open gaming world that was deprived of The Sims 2 which in turn was her most serious  A disadvantage.  The simulator was mostly appreciated by critics.  They recognized the advantage of the game before the second part and mostly praised her for the open game world improved visual effects and improved behavior of the characters.  Among the main shortcomings was noted the presence of many so-called “building-discs” inside of which it is impossible to observe the actions of the characters if they enter the building as well as the quality of graphics not improved in comparison with the second part.

After its release The Sims 3 became the best selling simulator in the history of computer games beating the record of its predecessor The Sims 2. So for the first week after the release of the third simulator 1.4 million copies of it were sold.  Simultaneously The Sims 3 broke the record for the number of downloads of pirated copies that got on the Internet two weeks before the official release of the game.  The Sims 3 remains the largest part of The Sims franchise with 11 additions and 9 catalogs.  Continuation of the line – The Sims 4 was released on September 2 2014 16.

The Sims 3 Game Features: 

The game is a virtual sandbox in which the player can control the life of the characters.  In the base simulator without additions a town called Sunset Valley is available which was based on the game by the families of Goth and Landgrab but later the Alto family settled there which led to a conflict between families.  There are 26 families living in the city many characters have been borrowed from the previous parts of The Sims games in particular in Sunset Valley there are many characters from “The Town 1” of the game The Sims and Novoselsk (English Pleasantview) from The Sims 2 and the current events represent  A prequel of the previous parts 17.  In particular characters appear who are not old enough or have already died of old age in the first or second simulator.

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