The Sims 4 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)


The Sims 4 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: He Sims 4 is a single-player computer game in the genre of life simulator the fourth in a series of games The Sims developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts for Windows and Mac OS.  The release of The Sims 4 for the Windows operating system was officially announced at the E3 computer games exhibition and took place on September 2 2014 in the US and on September 4 in Russia 7 and Europe.  Localization of the game in Russia was SoftKlab.  The release of the game version for OS X took place on February 17 2015 11.

In The Sims 4 there is no clearly expressed plot and the gameplay is nonlinear and does not have a given final goal.  The player controls up to eight personally created or selected characters directing them to perform various activities such as meeting their own needs activities aimed at making money and creating relationships with other characters.  The construction editor allows you to create a building in the desired style and equip it with furniture in which the managed sims will live.

The game was developed in 2008 when the latest additions to The Sims 2 came on the market the creation of the fourth part began in full in 2012.  The main task of the developers was to improve the artificial intelligence of the characters and integrate multitasking into their behavior.  The game was developed taking into account its work even on very weak computers for which the developers decided to limit the openness of the world as it was in The Sims 3 and use a special artistic style that requires minimalism in details and textures but at the same time give the game a lot of beautiful visual effects and work  High-quality lighting.  However due to the low budget allocated and the problems with the organization and the time allotted the game was not fully developed and lost many of the planned elements of the basic gameplay.  Because of this the excitement and discontent among the fans began even before the release of the game.

The Sims 4 Game Overview: 

The game received mixed reviews from critics.  Among the main advantages they noted an improved character editor construction improved intelligence of characters beautiful graphics and the world around among the main drawbacks – a small and truncated gaming world the overall unfinished game the strong limitations of gameplay and an abundance of errors in the game.

The Sims 4 Game Features: 

In the base game 3 towns are available;  New Crest Willow Creek and Oasis Springs.  The last two live the basic family some of them such as the Goth family and the Gongadze family appeared in The Sims 2 and Landgrab – in The Sims 3.

Vilou Creek is a green town in the subtropics dotted with lakes and canals.  The buildings are built mainly in the style of New Orleans buildings.  There are 4 families in the town;

The largest of them Spencer-Kim-Lewis was formed as a result of the unification of two families and consists of three generations.  The second family – Goth (English Goth) lives in a gloomy mansion.  In it Mortimer and his young wife – Bella raise two children – Alexandra and Cassandra.  This is also the only family whose characters were present in all the games of the series The Sims.  The third family consists of their young couple – Boba and Eliza Pancake (English Pancake) who have problems in personal relationships.  A pair of Punkkey is also often shown by The Sims developers in different artworks and renderers.  The fourth family or rather the cohabitation of three young people two girls named Summer and Liberty and Travis’ guy.  Both girls have feelings for a young man.


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