Zoo Tycoon 2 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)

By | July 6, 2017

Zoo Tycoon 2 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Zoo Tycoon 2 – a series of computer games originating in 2001.  All games of the series focus on building arranging and maintaining the performance of a successful zoo although scenarios may have other purposes.

Zoo Tycoon 2 Game Overview: 

Blue Fang Games was founded in 1998. The creators of the company decided that the game market is almost no game related to animals.  Therefore inspired by RollerCoaster Tycoon Blue Fang began developing an economic simulator of the zoo ..

Blue Fang released the Zoo Tycoon in 2001.  Then in 2002 there were 2 additions Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania.  In 2003 the Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection was released which included Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania add-ons as well as the Endangered Species bonus downloadable add-on (DLC) also available for free download from the Microsoft website.

In 2004 a sequel to the game called Zoo Tycoon 2 was released. In 2005 Nintendo DS released a special version of Zoo Tycoon as well as the first addition for Zoo Tycoon 2 – Endangered Species.  A year later three additions were released African Adventure Dino Danger Pack and Marine Mania.  Dino Danger Pack was a DLC and was sold through a credit card through the official website of Zoo Tycoon 2.

On October 16 2007 the following addition to Zoo Tycoon 2 – Extinct Animals was released.  The version of Zoo Tycoon 2 for Nintendo DS (Zoo Tycoon 2 DS) was released in February 2008 and then the Ultimate Collection appeared – a complete collection of Zoo Tycoon 2 with all the additions.

The Blue Fang contract with Microsoft ended in 2009.  But Blue Fang did not lose heart and released Zoo Tycoon on Playstation 3 (2013) and on Xbox 360 (2013).


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