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Avocado leaves are employed as a remedial for arthritis and tumors. Avocado leaves are prepared as tea and take it as tonic every day. Referred to as a miraculous because its curative effect could not be illustrated by some physicians.

In Latin America, leaves are both beneficial in medicinal and culinary applications. Its leaves has an essential oil properties which account for its culinary uses.

The leaf is applied for respiratory infections, which include cough, juice, and normalize menstruation.

Fruit and leaf extracts considerably motivates rat uterus in vitro as well as the combination of spasmatic effects on small intestines. It as well bears an anti-tumor flavanoids known as flavan -3-4-diol. These flavanoids appeared to lessen tumors partially.


Various individuals never considered avocado to be a valuable fruits for health. Avocado is packed with lots of nutrition, mutually tenders several vitamins and minerals and it assists body to take up extra nutrients from other foods.

Health advantages correlated to the nervous system, avocado as well support in various ways. Potassium, folic acid and monosaturated fatty acid contents reduces bad cholesterol rates and thereby reduces the risk of heart attack. It as well contain a polite quantity of vitamin E and glutathione which aid in averting some types of heart infections and slows down aging activity.

More Short Avocado Health Benefits :

Increases Energy

Makes dieting more effective

Helps prevents sickness & diseases

Improves personal appearance

Reduces stress and even out moods

Lower Cholesterol Level

Heart Healthy

Regulate Blood Sugar

Regulate Blood Pressure

Helps Prevent Cancer: mouth, skin and prostate

Avocado Nutrition Facts Vitamins Calories & Much More:

There are many surprising avocado nutrition facts such as that it beats banana when it comes to potassium content by 2-3X. The high potassium content in avocado aids in normal nerve and muscle activity, as well as to prevent kidney stone formation by reducing calcium excretion from the kidneys. Together with magnesium, potassium regulates blood pressure, thereby preventing heart diseases. Consider this along with other avocado nutrition facts, it contains a high level of folate, which is beneficial in stroke prevention. Some of the vitamin B complexes are also linked to lowering the risks of heart disease.

Avocado contains vitamins A, C, and B vitamins that sustain accurate performance of neurotransmitter, which makes it as a superior food for the nervous system. Calcium and magnesium content of avocado can calm and aid restorative sleep, which is essential for nervous system to perform efficiently at maximum.

Conclusion of Avocado Health Benefits:

Avocado is also a fiber arsenal. You may already know that fiber promotes regular bowel movement, but it would be more amazing to know that fiber also prevents high blood pressure, heart disease as well as colorectal cancer. What makes the avocado an even more complete food is its water content. One of the significant avocado nutrition facts is that 74 percent of its total weight is composed of water. Water does not only promote normal bowel movement, but it also aids in cellular hydration.

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