Car Donation: A Wonderful Idea

By | February 19, 2018

About Car Donation: A Wonderful Idea: The concept of car donation has started to gain a lot of popularity in the recent years. The idea is to donate your old but well functioning car which you may no longer need or which you no longer drive. However, if you take this decision that you want to donate your car to some charitable organization or the like, you need to be sure about certain aspects and all the pros and cons of donating a car. A number of factors need to be kept in mind when you want to go for this option.

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First of all, if you plan to get a new car and at the same time, you want to dispose off your earlier car, you need to be sure about the re sale value of the latter and the price that is prevalent in the market for the same. If the market value of the old car is not really great, then to donate car is a much better option than selling it to another party. This is because this action is a very good one and aims at helping the needy and the underprivileged. This is because when you donate your car to any charitable organization, what they do is to give the same to any family or individual who might be in need of it or to someone who is not capable of buying the same for himself. Beside the satisfaction which you will get on helping someone who is in need, you get one extra benefit as a result of this action of yours. That benefit is the deduction of tax on the basis of the market value of that old car. Therefore, it is an added advantage that you might get when you plan to donate your car. Car donation also helps to remove the entire headache from your life that you would otherwise have to handle if you planned to sell your car to someone yourself.


You must properly advertise your vehicle so that maximum people get to know about it, in case they wish to buy the car. Donation will reduce all these extra expenses of advertising and promotion. Also, you need not worry about what your old car will go to as it the responsibility of the charity in the case of donation. They have to take care of who they give the car to and it is no longer a worry for you.

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