How Many Calories in Grapefruit (Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts)


Grapefruit come in a variety of colors, sizes and tastes. Grapefruit can be bitter or sweet with a red, pink, white or gold pulp. Grapefruit can be peeled and eaten like an orange, cut in half and eaten with sugar sprinkled on top, cut and added to a fruit salad, baked into a tart, etc. Grapefruit is a very citrusy fruit with many health benefits. There are 41 calories in a grapefruit half (medium size, 128 grams). The most popular types of grapefruit are red, white and pink grapefruit with the brands as Ruby, Star Ruby, Rio Red and Marsh Ruby. Calories in a grapefruit are comparably close despite the differences.

· Red Grapefruit – bitter taste, reddish-orange pulp, very little seeds

· White Grapefruit – pale yellow pulp, tart taste, seeds

· Pink Grapefruit – very little seeds, sweeter taste, pinkish-red pulp

Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts:

Like many other citrus fruits, grapefruit are very high in vitamin C. Only a half of grapefruit has 78% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. This is very important to the body by helping fight infections and boost the immune system, and ease inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and asthma. Along with vitamin C, grapefruits are rich in vitamins A, E and B complex, calcium, magnesium and potassium. The vitamin C and potassium found in grapefruit also stimulates more urination helping people that struggle with urination disorders caused by kidney, liver or heart diseases. Grapefruit is also an excellent source of fiber. Diets high in fiber aid in lowering cholesterol levels, the digestive process by keeping the body regular, and lowers your risk of heart disease. Since grapefruit has a high fiber content it helps reduce the feeling of hunger, curbing the appetite. Half of a grapefruit has approximately 7% of the daily recommended allowance. Grapefruit are high in lycopene, which aid with immune system boosting and has anti-tumor benefits. Drinking grapefruit juice before bed promotes calm sleep, preventing insomnia.

How to Store Grapefruit:

If you are planning on eating your grapefruit within a week or two, it can be stored in box or basket at room temperature. You can store your grapefruit for up to 8 weeks by placing it in the refrigerator crisper.

· Tip 1- After storing your grapefruit in the refrigerator, allow it to sit get to room temperature before eating. It will be juicier.

· Tip 2- To make your bitter grapefruit a little sweeter, add honey, brown sugar or syrup.

· Tip 3- Replace orange or lemon juice with grapefruit juice to any recipe for a different flavor.


Preheat oven to 300 degrees, making sure the racks are four inches from the heat source. Use a small sharp knife to loosen up segments and peel, but not peeling it completely. Put the halves on a baking dish. In a small bowl, mix the brown sugar and cinnamon. Sprinkle the sugar cinnamon mix over the halves. Put the baking dish with grapefruit halves in the oven for two to three minutes until slightly browned. Top with yogurt and serve this tasty snack.

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