Melons Health Benefits Nutrition Facts Vitamins Calories & Much More


Review About Melons Health Benefits Nutrition Facts Vitamins Calories: On your trip to the grocery, you might find yourself looking at a round fruit which has a skin that has the soft shade of green with hints of orange. It’s size is normally thrice that of an apple and it is kind of heavy to tug around.

Melons Health Benefits Nutrition Facts Vitamins Calories:

This fruit is a melon, with the most common variety of it called the cantaloupe. Its flesh is normally a shade of orange and it has a hollowed center where the seeds are located. Melons, when consumed regularly, will give you various health benefits.

One of the good things about melons is that it remains sweet and juicy from before ripening and even when it is almost overripe. You will not be left with a pile of mush when you cut the fruit in half and in fact, the ripper the fruit is, the more its antioxidants are.

When your science teacher told you that any orange fruit is good for the eyes, she was not lying. Melons with a defect shade of orange are known to have more beta-carotene which we all know is good for the eye sight. A cup of melon is equivalent to 100% of a person’s daily Vitamin A needs, as indicated by the US RDA.

Melons are perfect for anyone on a diet. Because the fruit has high water content, consumption of it is definitely refreshing and at the same time filling. It is also very low in calories, with only 35 calories for every 100g.

If ever you chance upon this sweet and succulent fruit, make sure you grab some for yourself. You can eat it as is, mix it with some water to make a refreshing juice, or even toss it with greens for a filling salad!

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