Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Settlements and the Four Secrets Asbestos Companies

By | February 18, 2018

About Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Settlements: You probably already know a lot about the symptoms, some of the treatment options and maybe a few more things about mesothelioma (or one of the many other forms of asbestos related cancers), Mesothelioma Lung Cancer but there are four secrets the asbestos companies and their insurance providers don ‘t want you to know.

Here are those four important secrets of Mesothelioma Lung Cancer:

# 1. Mesothelioma is almost always caused by previous exposure to asbestos.

# 2. Smoking does not appear to increase the risk of Mesothelioma.

Smoking does increase the risk of other forms of cancer. Therefore, if you have been exposed to asbestos, do not let asbestos companies make you believe that just because you smoke (or have smoked in the past) that this caused your Mesothelioma lung cancer.

# 3. You do not have to be exposed to asbestos for long periods of time or have a heavy exposure to develop an asbestos related disease.

There is plenty of proof that some people have developed mesothelioma after only a brief exposure to asbestos.

# 4. You have only a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for your mesothelioma.

A few states only allow one year after you are diagnosed with mesothelioma. Most states allow two years and a few states allow three years or longer. If you do not file your case within the allowed time, you may be warned from ever pursuing your claim.

You can see why it’s in the asbestos companies’ best interest to drag things out until you have run out of time to file your lawsuit.

If Asbestos companies (or companies using asbestos products) can keep any one of these four secrets from you, they could possibly get out of having to compensate you for what they have done to you.

There are several forms of Mesothelioma and Asbestos-related cancers. Here are the most common forms:

o When mesothelioma affects the lining of the lungs, it’s called pleural mesothelioma.

o When it affects the heart it’s called pericardial mesothelioma.

o When it affects the abdomen, it’s called peritoneal mesothelioma.

There are several other forms of mesothelioma and asbestos-related cancers and if you have any of these forms of cancer, you may be entitled to receive a large settlement check. Be sure to check with your doctor and an attorney practiced in Mesothelioma and asbestos related cases before the statement of limitations runs out on your case. This is one situation where procrastination could really hurt both your health and your pocketbook.

In summary of Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Settlements and the Four Secrets Asbestos Companies:

Do your research when selecting both the best treatment center and the best attorney to help you and your family with your unharmed (and most likely preventable) mesothelioma.

Keep in mind that going with your local family attorney could cost you thousands (and maybe even millions of dollars) in the form of the settlement you could have received with the right legal help.

Just like the fact that you need a doctor who specializes in mesothelioma treatment to get the best results, you also need an attorney who specializes in mesothelioma and asbestos related cancer cases in order to receive the maximum settlement and in the shortest amount of time.

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