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Peach offer a lot of variety as with many fruits, such as the Freestone, and the Yellow Flesh, as well as the Donut Peach. The most popular peaches varieties in the United States are the Yellow Flesh peaches, as well as the clingstone this fruit. it is a fruit packed full of health benefits and include antioxidants that assist with a feeling of overall health improvement. Calories in this fruit are low making the fruit a healthy low fat treat.

Peach Nutrition Facts:

Peaches contain vitamins A and B, as well as riboflavin, in addition to niacin, and vitamin C, and iron. All of the vitamins and minerals found in the peach offer a healthy benefit that is needed for normal body function. When seeking information on calories in a peach, it is easy to conclude that this fruit offers much more than a simple low calorie snack.

Peach Health Benefits & Vitamins:

The vitamin A found in the peach, benefit with fighting infection, and with maintaining healthy skin and hair. Vitamin A is also known to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. The benefits of vitamin A include protection from illness such as the common cold and influenza. Vitamin C, found in the peach, offers immunity from certain diseases related to the common cold or influenza as well. With the peach consisting of both vitamin A and vitamin C, it offers a double shield of protection. The vitamin C found in the peach can reduce the risk of heart disease as well. Vitamin B found in the peach offers the benefit of sustained energy, by stabilizing blood sugar levels as well as sustaining energy. Vitamin B is also associated with reducing the risks of certain types of cancer.

Peach Calories:

Surprisingly the peach is a low calorie snack alternative, even with that sugary sweet candy like taste, the peach is within a range of only 51-68 calories, depending on the size. In addition to the peach being a low calorie snack, the peach comes packed with natural health benefits.

  • Freestone fresh peach – 38 calories or (98.0g.) For a medium peach, a large peach – 61 calories or (157.0g.) A small peach – 31 calories or (79.0g.)
  • Canned peaches in light syrup – 136 calories or (251.0gm.) Peaches packed in light syrup are higher in calories, than the natural peaches packed without sugar.
  • Canned in heavy syrup – 194 calories or (262.0g.) Fruits packed in heavy syrup are higher in calories, if you are going to purchase any fruit in syrup always opt to choose the fruits that are packed in light syrup.
  • Frozen peaches – 50 calories or (151.3g.) Per 3 / 4th cup serving. Peaches packaged without sugar are significantly lower in calories and have not been robbed of their nutrients.
  • Frozen and sweetened – 235 calories or (250.0g) per one cup of thawed peaches. Calories in a frozen fruits are significantly lower, than fruits that are packaged in syrups and heavy high calorie sugars.

How to Store

When storing fresh peaches, you should not place them into a refrigerator if they are not ripe. Peaches that need to ripen should be placed in a brown paper bag, in order to speed up the process. Once the peaches are ripe, place them in a plastic bag and refrigerate them. In order to freeze peaches, wash the peaches, and remove the seed, add 2/3 cups of sugar to each quart of peaches, stir until the sugar has dissolved. Place peaches in high quality freezer bags.

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