The Richest Place On Earth (LATEST)


Where is the richest place on earth?

If you pose this question to 100 people, they all will get it wrong. Here are the kinds of responses you will get.

– New York

– UAE (Dubai)

– Saudi Arabia

– Japan

– The Gold Coast of Ghana

– The Oil Wells of Kuwait

Did you plan to mention one of the above? If you did, you would have been wrong because the richest place on earth is not in any of those places.

Rather, the richest place on earth is the GRAVEYARD! Yes, the graveyard. The place where we bury the dead!

I’m sure you’re wondering how the graveyard can ever be the richest place on earth. Permit me to explain.

Not too long ago, I heard of the untimely death of a relative. He died as he was about to begin a new breakthrough business that he had come up with. He wanted to start a couple of years back but like many of us, he allowed procrastination set in.

He did not start the business till he died. He went to his grave with his business knowledge and ideas.

That got me thinking. How many people have died with so much hidden in them? Very many I’m sure. Many people have died with books in them, businesses in them ,ventions in them, breakthroughs in them and so on.

As you are reading this, I want you to start thinking.

Is there anything you would like to do but you have allowed procrastination to get the better of you? Do you have a business in mind? Do you have an idea that will make our lives better? Do you have a book to write?

What is it that you have? You need to do it now. Today is the day to start. Tomorrow is an option only for the lazy mind.

Remember that the journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. Take that step today and you will be surprised at how far you’ve gone within a short period.

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