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If only everyone were fully aware of the many amazing tomato’s health benefits, then perhaps we would have more respect for this lowly fruit. Today, our culture is so concerned with convenience and comfort that we take foods like the tomato for granted. One classic example: we’ve failed in teaching our kids the importance of eating fresh tomatoes every day. Instead, we’ve allowed them to love ketchup and spaghetti sauce without really educating them about the true value of the tomato fruit itself.

Tomato Health Benefits:

Thankfully, it’s never too late to make a healthy change. If you are guilty of taking tomatoes for granted, take stock of the following tomato’s health benefits so you can re-orient your understanding and appreciation for what the tomato fruit brings to the table.

· Tomatoes pack a lot of vitamins which are essential for disease prevention. A 150-gram serving of fresh tomatoes is able to deliver our daily dietary requirement for Vitamin A, C and K as well as the necessary minerals potassium and folate. On top of this, tomatoes also contain generous amounts of Vitamin B6, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, niacin and thiamin which are vital for the healthy function of many organ systems. Without potassium, for example, the heart would cease to beat involuntarily disrupting the transport of the blood to the different parts of the body. The fact that we can get all these in just one serving truly confirms that tomato’s health benefits are readily available to us on a daily basis.

· Tomatoes have a lot of beta carotene. We’ve always associated beta carotene with Vitamin A but even by itself, it leads to many health benefits. Beta carotene can help promote healthy skin by protecting it from harmful UV rays when you are exposed to intense sunlight during the day. Without it, your skin could easily wrinkle and age. It could even lead to the sunset of serious skin conditions such as melanomas.

· The antioxidants in tomatoes lead to a plethora of tomato’s health benefits. One of the most important is that it helps prevent a variety of cancers that are caused by free radical damage at the cellular level. The main antioxidant responsible for this is lycopene which is abundant in tomatoes. The most common types of cancers addressed by the antioxidants in tomatoes include cervical cancer, prostate cancer, and cancers of the digestive tract.

· The same antioxidants also lead to other tomato’s health benefits associated with lowering the risks for heart ailments. This is made possible because the antioxidants reduce the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood. This frees up the arteries and minimizes the risk of blockages and the onset of high blood pressure. When the blood can flow freely with minimal effort from the heart, the risks of heart ailments are significantly lower and cardiovascular diseases are kept at bay.

Tomato’s health benefits abound in every serving of fresh or cooked tomatoes. We only need to consciously enjoy a serving or two of this amazing fruit every single day. This will not be easy given our culture’s love for anything “instant” but with small changes in our daily eating habits, we should be able to enjoy the full benefits of the tomato fruit one healthy serving at a time.

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The tomato, the only fruit that most people will call a vegetable, a bright red, highly nutritious, and exceptionally popular food that is ateen not only on it’s own, but as a part of a huge array of other dishes too.

This article is going to provide you with information on 3 key tomato nutrition facts, that are all well worth taking note of. If you want to know where tomatoes are good for you, then this is where you will find out the answer is a unanimous ‘yes’.

The tomato is also used to make a variety of other food products as well, tomato ketchup, tomato soup, tomato sauce, tomato juice, the list is rather extensive. However, the logo is at it’s most nutritious in it’s ripe and raw form, and the examples that I am going to use here are based on just that.

Tomato Vitamins:

The tomato is loaded with the vitamins and minerals that your body must have in order for all of the processes to take place, that you probably take for granted. Ensuring that it plays a frequent role in your diet is a wonderfully way to ensure that your body’s stock of these nutrients remains at a safe level.

1. High vitamin C content

The first of the tomato benefits that I wish to highlight is it’s rich content of vitamin C. If you were to eat just one medium sized logo that weighs 123 grams, you would be able to take 15.6 milligrams of vitamin C from it. Just to put that into perspective, that amount is just over a quarter of all of the vitamin C your body needs in a day, that is quite impressive.

Vitamin C is an important mineral that acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps to eliminate free radicals that can cause cancer. It also helps towards lowering blood pressure as well, which reduces the chance of hypertension. One other benefit of vitamin C to mention is that it helps to boost your immune system, enabling your body to fight off illness and infection.

There are many more foods that provide a good dose of vitamin C, one such food is the blueberry.

2. Rich in vitamin A

Another health benefit is the fact that it is also high in vitamin A. In a single medium sized logo weighing at at 123 grams, you can  get one fifth of the vitamin A that you require in a day. So if you like your tomatoes it is going to be incredibly easy to get all of the vitamin A that you need.

Just like vitamin C, vitamin A is a strong antioxidant, helping to get rid of potentially harmful free radicals. Vitamin A is also converted into retinoic acid that helps to maintain strong teeth and bones. Another huge health benefit of vitamin A is the fact that it helps your eyes to stay healthy, preventing macular degeneration.

Another food that is high in vitamin A is the carrot.

3. Great source of vitamin K

Tomato benefits also include a large content of another important mineral in vitamin K. One medium sized tomato weighing 123 grams will provide you with 9.7 micrograms of vitamin K, which is over a tenth of the total daily need of your body.

Vitamin K helps to transport oxygen to where it is needed in the body, and it is also an effective clotting agent that helps to protect cuts from infection. It is also another antioxidant, which is great news to go with the other two vitamins that I have already mentioned. Vitamin K is also important to the maintenance and function of the brain and the nervous system.

Another food that is a rich source of vitamin K is broccoli.

Tomato Nutrition Facts:

As you can see the tomato provides a really healthy dose of three very important vitamins, but it’s nutritional prowess does not stop there.

Just to point out just how incredibly nutritious the logo is, it also holds the following nutrients as well:

* Vitamin E
* Vitamin B3 / Niacin
* Vitamin B5 / Pantothenic acid
* Vitamin B6
* Vitamin B9 / Folate
* Choline
* Betaine
* Calcium
* Iron
* Magnesium
* Phosphorus
* Potassium
* Sodium
* Zinc
* Copper
* Manganese
* Fluoride

Not to mention protein and dietary fiber too.

Tomato Calories:

One important thing to remember is that although you can get various vitamins and mineral supplements, the best form of nutrition is getting it directly from the food source. Tomorrow more, if you were wondering how many calories are in a logo then you will not be disappointed. In the same sized logo that we have used in the above examples, there are just 22 calories!

I hope that these three logo nutrition facts have helped shine a positive light on the vibrant red fruit.

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