Top Health Benefits of Blueberries (LATEST)


Health Benefits of Blueberries belong to the health family along with bilberry and cranberry, quite popular for the health benefits offered especially the reduction of belly fat and reducing the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. Health Benefits of Blueberries They usually range from the size of a small pea to that of a marble. The protective coat seen in all the berries is usually white-gray waxy bloom. The dark colors belong to blueberries and some are blue where the others are found to be maroon to purple-black.

Health Benefits / Advantages of Blueberries:

There are several medical advantages known to improve the overall well being of the individual in different ways. The greatest and the richest feature of blueberries is that they are loaded with antioxidants that play a major role in working against any diseases and also reversing aging apart from being rich in vitamin C. The blue color of the fruit is due to the presence of a pigment known as anthocyanin that is rich in antioxidants.

The blueberries are also known to have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties assisting in treating infections like urinary tract problems preventing any further issues. The presence of anthocyanosides in the fruit is known to delay any age related ocular problems promoting vision to a greater extend. The presence of different groups of antioxidants namely Flavonoids and Carotenoids apart from vitamin C, E, A, zinc, phosphorous and selenium works wonders for improving the ocular health to a superior level.

The presence of these essential and non-essential nutrients also plays a major role in repairing any neural disorder that reinstates the health of central nervous system. Research has also demonstrated the effect of blueberries in curing serious problems like Alzheimer’s disease that makes it difficult for the majority to believe the same. By eating blueberries regularly, you get sharp memory for a longer time reducing your age and helping you to look young, fresh and beautiful as always.

When it comes to cardiac problems, there is nothing like blueberries that work so well for your heart with the combined benefits of fiber content, the ability of reducing the bad cholesterol and elevating the good one and mesmerizing properties of the antioxidants. It even strengthens the cardiac muscles to work better to lead a healthy life. The fiber content in blue berries works against constipation if a useful is consumed. At the same time, the digestion is greatly improved by the presence of copper, vitamins, sodium, acids and fructose in it.

The antioxidants helps to keep you livelier, fit, fresh, sharp and away from depression so helping you maintain that pleasant face forever. Blueberries are proved to act against belly fat then aid in weight loss. The reason behind this feature is that the fruit is low in sugar, low in calories, zero cholesterol, sodium and fat. Apart from all this, the high fiber content gives you filled up affect aid in eating less. You can keep munching blueberries for snacks as it does not add to your calorie chart and is the best choice for breakfast. It can be added with any meal including French toast, oatmeal, waffles or even pancakes to make it healthy and tasty at the same time.

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