Best Top Girl Rappers All Time – Who Are the Best?

By | March 4, 2018

In today’s music industry, girl rappers are basically extinct … at least in the mainstream music arena. There are some great underground female rappers, but most people probably have never heard of them. Today’s hip hop and rap scene, it is dominated by males. You would think there would be a higher outcry from the ladies, but the subject seems to just be kept under the rug.

So as I was researching some of the girl rappers you may or may not know, I came up with a list. The latest female rapper that seemed to make a splash in the rap world is Lil Mama. Lil Mama made a huge entrance in the game with her hit song ‘Lip Gloss’. It was basically a kid’s anthem, but she was able to showcase her lyrical skills.

Another female rapper that is soon to break airwaves is Lil Wayne’s protege, Nikki Minaj. Someone referred me to out out her MySpace page, and I was actually surprised at her skills. She’s a pretty girl and maybe a little too sensitive for my taste, but soonless she was refreshing to hear. I look forward to her debut release.

Lastly and my personal favorite of all the girl rappers is a basically unheard of femcee named Shy Thoro. Shy Thoro has had some success with a song called “Baby Boy” that hit major airwaves in the Washington, DC areas. She reminds me of a lot of Lauryn Hill, but she is a force that needs to be recognized. Out of all the girl rappers, I pick Shy Thoro because I believe if or should I say when she makes it on the national scene, she will be a huge hit.

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