The Greatest Female Singers All Time (LATEST)

By | March 4, 2018

Review The Greatest Female Singers All Time (LATEST): They are the ones who set and maintain worldwide trends, the ones who rule the charts in their unique and chic way, who make our booty shake and our hearts cry with sorrow, they are the most beautiful and popular of their kind and the greatest female singers of the year. For them, 2012 was a glorious year, as they surged in their fame and glory and outnumbered their fan base. So, gentlemen take your hats off for …


She is the diva of our time and the Pop queen of her generation. In 2012, Barbados beauty Rihanna has had a few collabs, not many, but as successful as possible: Coldplay’s “Princess of China” and Drake’s “Take Care”, she won her third Grammy Award for Best Rap / Sung Collaboration and was voted the Best International Female Solo Artist at the 2012 BRIT Awards. She released Rebelle , her second fragrance, she flirted with clothing design and made her first steps towards acting career (she starred as Cora Raikes in the theatrical feature film Battleship and had her first TV program, Styled to Rock ). She released her seventh studio album, Unapologetic , which was a massive hit on all continents and bought her the biggest sales since her debut, and performed live at seven gigs during her 777 mini Tour in seven countries, for seven consecutive days. For the Brits, she is the second biggest selling female singles artist of all time, while for the Americans she sits proudly atop of Billboard’s ‘Top 100 Pop Songs Artists of 1992-2012’, so it’s not difficult to understand why Rihanna was our first choice.


Although in 2012 Adele released just one song, “Skyfall”, her popularity did not suffer at all. The success of her last year releases kept her a safe and warm position on charts and on the hearts of her fans. She is still praised in every country on this earth; she took home no less than six Grammy awards this year for her album, 21 and on a time when the financial crisis and web pages providing free music seem to bake an evil master plan for the singers, Adele actually sells millions of copies, which actually included her on Forbes ‘ list of the highest paid artists of 2012.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a firework in this industry and she proved it this year more than ever. She did not storm the charts with a new record, but she released her musical 3D film “Part of Me”, which grossed $ 30 million worldwide, she supported Barrack Obama in his campaign for presidence and focused on her new album that will hit stores sometimes next year. Billboard named her Woman of the Year 2012, so she is our third pick for the greatest female singers of the year.

Taylor Swift

Behind those calm and serene eyes lie a treasure of unrested energy. The young girl that never sees tired, Taylor Swift, has become more and more popular among the younger generation. In 2012, she released a new studio album, Red , which dominated the charts worldwide for a long time and triggered sales of $ 1.2 million, which is her personal best so far. She took home three MTV Europe Music Awards, she was named Best Female Country Artist at the 2012 American Music Awards and she received three nods for the 2013 Grammy Awards.

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