The Ten Cities With the World’s Most Beautiful Women (LATEST)


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Check out one travel writer’s ranking of the ten cities with the most beautiful women in the world.

10. Montreal, Canada
Montreal is blessed with the flavor of continental Europe but in the much more convenient location of Canada. Home to a large number of universities and a diverse economic sector, Montreal is a vibrant city with a pulsating nightlife. The beauty of its women are just an added bonus, as is the city speaking the world’s sexiest language, French.

9. Seoul, South Korea
Every guy loves Asian women; I’m pretty sure that’s a scientific fact. Seoul, being one of the largest cities in Asia, is home to quite a few of them. Happening and cosmopolitan, Seoul has some of the best nightlife in Asia and a reputation for stunning beauties. Be warned though, after visiting Korea it’s entirely possible that you will come down with a case of the “yellow fever.”

8. Amsterdam, Holland
Amsterdam is a must on this list. Dutch women are just fantastic, liberal and open-minded beauties who are well-educated and fun. It’s no surprise that the women are as interesting as they are, Amsterdam is a living museum of the odd and visiting the city is a quick way to broaden your horizons. Check out the nightlife in Leidseplein or take a romantic canalside stroll with a new lover and you’ll see that Amsterdam is so much more than just its red light district.

7. Tel Aviv, Israel
Israel has some very beautiful women; there’s something about dark features and green eyes that is just so exotic and appealing. Tel Aviv is the focal point of Israel’s youth culture and nightlife scene, so it makes sense that the most beautiful girls in the country can be found lounging on the city’s Mediterranean beaches and in its happening night spots. A word of caution though, in Israel women over the age of 18 are required to have served in the Israeli military. This of course means that you should be very careful before trying to pull a “fast one.”

6. Moscow, Russia
Russia is, without a doubt, home to some of the world’s most beautiful women. This may surprise the cold-war generation who grow up believing the stereotypes (Wendy’s commercial anyone?) Of Russian women being plane and ordinary. A quick visit to Moscow should allay any doubts. Think tall, blonde and blue-eyed goddesses. That’s not to say these girls are easy to talk to; Russians can be an intimidating bunch.

5. Varna, Bulgaria
Bulgaria is not the most well-known country, even Europeans might have trouble finding it on a map, but what it lacks in fame it more than compensates in beautiful women. Varna is on the country’s stunning Black Sea coast and in the summer the city becomes jam-packed with sunbathing beauties. Similar to their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts, girls here are often tall and light-eyed.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
I have to take a firm stance and declare that Buenos Aires has the most beautiful women in South America! That’s right; more so than Brazil, Venezuela or Colombia. There’s just something about the cultured atmosphere of Buenos Aires that makes everything seem so much more romantic. Do yourself a favor and visit this extraordinary city and maybe ask the most beautiful woman, that you have ever seen in your life, to teach you the tango.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark
Denmark is the gateway to Scandinavia and it does not disappoint. The girls here are beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed vixens and I can personally tell you that there is absolutely nothing rotten in the state of Denmark. Copenhagen has always stuck me as a city similar to Amsterdam but just a little bit nicer. So instead of going to Holland for the umpteenth time, check out Denmark.

2. New York City, United States
The only American city on the list; New York was a close call for the number-one spot. Because New York is a melting pot of so many different cultures and ethnicities, the city has some of the most diverse and beautiful women in the world. Hang out in the Village and you will see trendy and smart girls out on the town, the clubs in the Meatpacking District are where you’ll find the Eastern European models, and Brooklyn has enough cute hipster chicks to fill a thousand Apple stores. But the thing that really makes New York so special … is the fashion!

1. Stockholm, Sweden
What you have seen on the beer commercials is true; Sweden really does have the world’s most beautiful women. The streets of Stockholm are literally packed with these gorgeous women, who are as tall as they are luscious. Even better, is that Scandinavians are world-renowned for their friendship, so there’s a good chance that the girl you’re ogling is actually a sweet and down to earth person.

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