The Top 4 Female Jazz And Soul Singers Of All Time in World (LATEST)


Latest Review About Female Singers Of All Time: Just imagine what kind of world we would have without music with our conversations revolving on topics like weather and work, whilst movies could be boring and lifeless without the musical components. Female Singers Of All Time Music is a vital part of living and through melody, lyrics and song it is possible for thoughts and emotions to be conveyed clearly and easily by various artists.

The Top 4 Female Singers Of All Time in World (LATEST):

This article will highlight the top 4 female jazz and soul singers of all time.

1. Aretha Franklin:

Aretha Franklin is well-known around the world as The Queen of Soul. Aretha is the second female singer who is recognized in Grammy history, after Alison Krauss. Over the years, she has won eighteen Grammy Awards as well as received the Living Legend Grammy and the Lifetime Achievement Grammy. Aretha has eight competitive and successive awards from 1968 -1975 in the Grammy category for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. Subsequently, this award was nicknamed as The Aretha Award.

2. Billie Holiday:

Billie Holiday has made a huge contribution to jazz music and only a handful of jazz singers could rival this artist. This American jazz singer and composer have been regarded as one of the greatest female vocalists ever. Throughout the latter years in her career, a lot of abuse was placed on her vocal cords and this eventually altered the original rich and strong texture of her voice. As of such, her latest records have a strange enticing fragility. But, despite the alternation in her voice, no one can contest the level of emotions infused in all performance and can be heard in all her songs, as this remained consistent and in full-force throughout her lifetime.

3. Ella Fitzgerald:

Ella Fitzgerald got her break whilst performing in a talent contest in Harlem at the Apollo Theatre. Before this, she was homeless and poor. During her teenage years, Ella was the singer for a band called Chick Webb. She grew up to become a jazz singer that was possibly the most gifted of all, where she excelled in scat singing with a bop flavor, in ballads, as well as recorded collections of some of the greatest composers in America. Although she is long gone, Ella has recordings which showed that she has earned the title of The First Lady of Song, as she is still being referred to even today.

4. Etta James:

Etta James is one of the greatest singers of American blues, R&B (rhythm and blues), soul, rock and roll, jazz and gospel. During the 50s and 60s, James enjoyed a successful career with the legendary Chess Records as an R&B and blues singer. In recent years pop star Beyonce played the role of Etta James in the feature film Cadillac Records covering the classic hit “At Last”. Etta’s turbulent life of drinking and drugs was portrayed throughout the film which had mixed reviews but one the memory of Etta’s astonishing voice will be with us forever.

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