Fruits and Vegetables Nutrition Facts

By | February 13, 2019

Having fruits and vegetables nutrition facts will create the foundation for good health. With the ever changing conditions of our lives, it is important to understand which natural sources are capable to heal, cure and strengthen our bodies. Every sick person yearns for relief and healing. Instead of running to the doctor for a prescription, would not you rather consume healing foods that build your immune system? Here are four basic nutrition facts about the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Most fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. Fiber is a needed in our bodies to help with the digestive process and cleanse our bodies of waste. Fiber is an essential part of healthy bowel movements to prevent toxic build up and disease. Another valuable contribution made by fruits and vegetables to our digestive system is the reduced time that they take to be processed. The longer it takes for our bodies to process the foods we eat, the longer it takes for their benefits to be available for use. Energy is a major reason all living things consume nutrients. Fruits and vegetables can be digested within thirty minutes in comparison to meat that can take hours. Again, when we are sick, time is of the essence.

Illness is by far the biggest threat to the human body. Lives are affected everyday by many death occurring situations and situations, but diseases are the biggest threat. When we talk about disease, there is always a negative connotation involved because death is always a looming fear. Trillions of dollars are spent now researching, developing, testing and purchasing medical supplies for various illnesses. In comparison much less is spent educating consumers about nutrition facts.

Modern medicine has its place and has helped millions of people but what about those who could just as easily been cured by eating the right fruits and vegetables? Or those who could eat better if they have healthy nutrition facts? Both contain important vitamins that are crucible to healthy bodies. If the fruits and vegetables available to us are meant to sustain our bodies, will not they also heal and cure them? Most fruits contain vitamins C, D and E which are valuable anti-oxidants that protect our bodies.

Circulation is a major part of our overall health. Its importance is stressed because it is linked to the flow blood. Without proper circulation our bodies and our minds will not function. A chain reaction (often leading to death) occurs when poor circulation symptoms go unaddressed. Lack of concentration and energy, headaches, high blood pressure and shortness of breath are only a few problems related to poor circulation.

To combat these conditions and build your constitution walking is the best solution. You can however, also increase your intake of citrus fruits, berries and green vegetables like cage, spinach and Brussels sprouts. As with many other aspects of the body, circulation is one link in the chain of health. You can either strengthen it or we weakened it. Having nutrition facts will guide your efforts for better health.

Fruits and vegetables have a comprehensive effect on our brains. Studies have shown that adequate and daily consumption will reduce deteriorating conditions like Alzheimer's disease. This is especially true of bright colored fruits and vegetables. If you are used to buying green bell peppers for salads and meals, consider using red, yellow or orange. The same goes for sweet potatoes and leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach. Though these are simple changes, they are nutrition facts that will make a difference.

Because brain cells have very little replenishment and contain a low amount of anti-oxidants, they are extremely sensitive to damage. This being the case, it is an unfortunate fact that brain cells are not replaced if injured or killed. Without proper function of the brain our bodies become useless. Why not do everything in our power to protect our brains, our bodies and our lives?

Source by Alana C. Johnson

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