Goat Milk Soap Health Benefits Explained

By | February 6, 2019

Help really comes from the strangest of places, especially when it comes to your skin. When made naturally like the bars from Australian producer Goat's Own, the potential benefits to your skin are substantial. This company raises and milks their own goats and combines the milk with a few other ingredients, including palm and olive oil, to make its soap bars.

Here are a few of the components of Goat's Own natural goat milk soap:

1. Alpha hydroxy acids

This chemical compound is present in Goat's Own goat milk soap as naturally occurring lactic acid. While you may not have heard of this compound, alpha hydroxy acid (also called AHA) is used in a number of cosmetic products because of its effects on your skin. Studies have shown that AHA can help your skin build connective tissue and collagen, along with increasing skin thickness without inflammation.

While in high concentrations AHA can hurt your skin, the amounts present in goat milk soap are not high enough to cause harm or irritation, even for those that have sensitive skin. On the contrary, the lactic acid also acts as a natural exfoliate for your skin that can help you better absorb the soap's vitamins.

2. Vitamin A

Considered a staple among many topical anti-aging products, vitamin A helps treat your skin after exposure to the sun and is a must for a healthy complexion. The active form of vitamin A called retionic acid has shown in studies to help restore the elastic fibers in your skin so it appears more taut, which helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles. This acid also helps fight the plague of all teenagers (and some adults): acne.

Too much of a good thing can be harmful though – large amounts of this vitamin A acid and your skin will become irritated and redden. Luckily, the concentrations in Goat's Own goat milk soap are safe for you to use without worry.

3. Vitamin E

Another solid addition to any skin health regimen, vitamin E works to improve the speed at which your skin repairs itself. A healthy dose of vitamin E on your skin also helps protect you against skin cancer and damage from the sun. Having this in your goat milk soap will help provide that protection.

4. Balanced pH

This point is critical for those with conditions such as sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema or dermatitis. The pH of goat milk soap is very similar to human skin's natural pH, which means it is gentler than many soaps and is less likely to irritate even sensitive skin. For those who do not know, the pH level indicates whether a substance is more acidic or more of a base. The chemists at Goat's Own carefully maintain the pH level of every bar.

Source by Monique M Ammala

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