Strawberries Health Benefits

By | February 13, 2019

As well as being one of the tastiest fruits ever known to man, this fruit has a number of medicinal benefits, both as a fruit as well as a plant. Evidence says that the early Indians of America used the leaves of the strawberry plant to treat stomach upsets, and it worked. Today, strawberries health benefits exceeded limits and what's more, it is no longer a kings fruits like it was known many years ago. Anyone who is of a mind can partake of the health benefits of this ground dwelling fruit. Full of anti-oxidants, anti neurodegenerative, anti-inflammatory and anti many other abilities, this is now one of the best sources of alternative medicines.

One of the largest strawberries health benefits is that it contains antioxidants, which make it a very good prevention for chronic diseases. Taken as a fruit, it is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. Also rich in vitamin K, it has proved to be very good as an anti cancer agent. Other health benefits include vitamin B6, folic acid, and they are the best-known source of pantothenic acid and manganese. There is no end to the benefits that you accrue from taking strawberries, add to it that the fruit is also very tasty and you can not afford to miss this one.

Many people might wonder just how this ground hugging fruit is able to put cancer at bay. And that is not the only good news because you also have to know that it does not only prevent one kind of cancer, but many cancers all at once. Research into the strawberries health benefits has indicated that it is able to prevent pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and many others. Like many other fruits and berries, it has already been noted beyond reasonable doubt that indeed people who take them stand very little chance of getting cancer than those who do not. Why is this?

The operation is actually very simple. In non-technical language, the consumption of strawberries makes your body better able to engage in anti cancer activities. Because of the presence of ellagic acid in the fruits, the acid goes ahead to bond with cancer molecules, thereby making them inactive. They also prevent the destruction of the P53 gene by cancer cells. Research has also indicated that liver cancer is kept at bay by ellagic acid. Health benefits of strawberries are many and cancer is just one of them.

As an anti-inflammatory agent, strawberry contains phenols, which help in combating disorders like osteoarthritis, asthma and many other such ailments. The good news however is that the strawberries health benefits may be many, but they also do not carry any side effects. For example while the phenols do inhibit inflammatory by inhibiting cyclooxygenase, the other western drugs would also work but they leave you with dire side effects like intestinal and stomach bleeding.

Owing to the presence of very many health benefits, this is also an assurance that if you consume strawberries you develop a very strong immune system. You also get a good chance to keep aging at bay and you no longer have undue cause to worry over diseases like Alzheimer's. The presence of vitamin K, magnesium and manganese also help a lot in making your bones strong and healthy. A strawberry a day keeps the doctor away.

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