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Top 10 Greatest Love Songs of All Time (LATEST)

Here we have a list of the top 10 greatest love songs of all time. These songs are some of the most powerful and inspirational love songs ever written. They are great for first dance weddings songs or whatever special occasion you are looking for. Greatest Love Songs of All Time in the World list are below: 10.… Read More »

Greatest Songwriters of All Time – Top Ten (LATEST)

There have been many great songwriters in our time but some that take the top of the list are the ones that shaped the music industry and paved the way for all musicians. The greatest songwriters of all time are the ones who wrote and in many cases, sung songs from the heart. They’re from a simpler time… Read More »

The 3 Best Newfie Music Songs of All Time (LATEST)

Most countries in the world have their own particular type of folk music but the Newfoundlanders are possibly the best when it comes to humour. I am playing regularly on Saturday nights with a Cree Indian, Cliff Umpherville in Brochet, Manitoba. I play all genres but have been introducing Cliff to “newfie music.” That got me thinking about… Read More »

Best Selling Cars of All Time – The Top 10 List

Best Selling Cars All Time List Below Top Ten: 10. Chevrolet Impala The Chevrolet brand is amongst GM’s most successful cars beside other automakers like Ford and Mercedes, and the acceptance of the Impala model in 1958 took GM to an entirely new level with different connotations. Chevrolet Impala has sold over 14 million units since then. 9.… Read More »

The Greatest Female Singers All Time (LATEST)

Review The Greatest Female Singers All Time (LATEST): They are the ones who set and maintain worldwide trends, the ones who rule the charts in their unique and chic way, who make our booty shake and our hearts cry with sorrow, they are the most beautiful and popular of their kind and the greatest female singers of the… Read More »

Most Popular Male Singers Of 2017 (LATEST)

Some have the good looks on their side; others have infectious rhythms or cheeky lyrics that are on the likes of all people. Some are talented, some are not, but they all share a common feature: they are the most popular male singers of 2017. Popular Male Singers are Below: 1. Psy Who said you have to be… Read More »

Meet the Sexy and Talented Ladies in Country Music Today

Review About Meet the Sexy and Talented Ladies in Country Music Today: The likes of Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, and Dolly Parton evoke images of traditionally-clad country singers decked in western-style frocks and ensembles. These are all great artists in their own and rights and have held supremacy in more ways than one. However, at present, new artists… Read More »

Top Five Best Southern Rappers of All Time

New York City as we know it is known to be the mother and father of hip-hop. But if you take a deep look into the eyes of the south it is undisputable that some of the best rappers that have ever lived came from the South. Here are the top five best southern rappers of all time… Read More »

Best Top Girl Rappers All Time – Who Are the Best?

In today’s music industry, girl rappers are basically extinct … at least in the mainstream music arena. There are some great underground female rappers, but most people probably have never heard of them. Today’s hip hop and rap scene, it is dominated by males. You would think there would be a higher outcry from the ladies, but the… Read More »

Are the Best Rappers From the Underground?

Many hip hop fans who are “in the know” claim that there are not any good rappers in the mainstream, but is this really true? Are not some of the greats- names like Best Rappers Description: Method Man, Rakim, Eminem and Melle Mel- respected both in the underground and the mainstream? In my opinion, popularity has nothing to… Read More »