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Top Five Best Southern Rappers of All Time

New York City as we know it is known to be the mother and father of hip-hop. But if you take a deep look into the eyes of the south it is undisputable that some of the best rappers that have ever lived came from the South. Here are the top five best southern rappers of all time… Read More »

Best Top Girl Rappers All Time – Who Are the Best?

In today’s music industry, girl rappers are basically extinct … at least in the mainstream music arena. There are some great underground female rappers, but most people probably have never heard of them. Today’s hip hop and rap scene, it is dominated by males. You would think there would be a higher outcry from the ladies, but the… Read More »

Are the Best Rappers From the Underground?

Many hip hop fans who are “in the know” claim that there are not any good rappers in the mainstream, but is this really true? Are not some of the greats- names like Best Rappers Description: Method Man, Rakim, Eminem and Melle Mel- respected both in the underground and the mainstream? In my opinion, popularity has nothing to… Read More »

List of the Top Best Rappers of All Time (LATEST)

Top Best Rappers of All Time There are so many lists out there that claim the “50 Best Rappers,” or “Best 100 Rappers.” I’ve been sucked into watching a few of them, and it seems that when they finally get down to the good stuff, I always wind up ranting and raving for hours afterwards. In all honesty,… Read More »

Top 50 White Rappers of All Time (LATEST)

Rappers of All Time Through 27 years of being an avid hip hop fan, I decided to compile a list of the 50 baddest white boys to every hold the microphone. I know sometimes the white rappers gets a bad rap! This article and list is my personal opinion, but I think it’s a pretty spot on list.… Read More »