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Hemoglobin and CBC Tests Normal Levels Understanding Values

When your blood is drawn and sent to a laboratory for testing, a specially trained lab tech will test your blood. Lab techs typically have either a Bachelor’s college degree in Medical Technology, or an Associate’s degree. To be certified, they must take and pass a national examination. A phlebotomist (blood drawer) or a lab aide will typically… Read More »

How to Lower High A1C Hemoglobin Level

The A1C hemoglobin test is a test run by your primary care physician and it measures your average blood sugar (or glucose) level over the past three months. This is completely different from the glucose tests that you run on a daily basis. The tests that you run at home tell you what your blood sugar levels are… Read More »

Blood Sugar Levels and Why Your HbA1C Level is Important to You!

Review Blood Sugar Levels and Why Your Glycosylated Hemoglobin HbA1C Level is Important to You: Receiving a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is definitely a shock to your system … but hearing all those medical terms health professionals use is another! There are some pretty big medical terms used and you often wonder what they mean and why… Read More »