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How Many Calories in Grapefruit (Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts)

Grapefruit come in a variety of colors, sizes and tastes. Grapefruit can be bitter or sweet with a red, pink, white or gold pulp. Grapefruit can be peeled and eaten like an orange, cut in half and eaten with sugar sprinkled on top, cut and added to a fruit salad, baked into a tart, etc. Grapefruit is a… Read More »

Grapefruit Health Benefits Nutrition Facts Vitamins Calories and More

Grapefruit is a subtropical fruit that belongs to the citrus family and is usually known for its somewhat bitter and sour savor. It was initially grown in Barbados as a cross type fruit that came from a mix from pomelo and sweet orange. Grapefruit is also full of vitamin C and has some incredible health benefits you should… Read More »