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Top 10 Greatest Love Songs of All Time (LATEST)

Here we have a list of the top 10 greatest love songs of all time. These songs are some of the most powerful and inspirational love songs ever written. They are great for first dance weddings songs or whatever special occasion you are looking for. Greatest Love Songs of All Time in the World list are below: 10.… Read More »

Greatest Songwriters of All Time – Top Ten (LATEST)

There have been many great songwriters in our time but some that take the top of the list are the ones that shaped the music industry and paved the way for all musicians. The greatest songwriters of all time are the ones who wrote and in many cases, sung songs from the heart. They’re from a simpler time… Read More »

The 3 Best Newfie Music Songs of All Time (LATEST)

Most countries in the world have their own particular type of folk music but the Newfoundlanders are possibly the best when it comes to humour. I am playing regularly on Saturday nights with a Cree Indian, Cliff Umpherville in Brochet, Manitoba. I play all genres but have been introducing Cliff to “newfie music.” That got me thinking about… Read More »

Top Five Best Southern Rappers of All Time

New York City as we know it is known to be the mother and father of hip-hop. But if you take a deep look into the eyes of the south it is undisputable that some of the best rappers that have ever lived came from the South. Here are the top five best southern rappers of all time… Read More »

Top 50 White Rappers of All Time (LATEST)

Rappers of All Time Through 27 years of being an avid hip hop fan, I decided to compile a list of the 50 baddest white boys to every hold the microphone. I know sometimes the white rappers gets a bad rap! This article and list is my personal opinion, but I think it’s a pretty spot on list.… Read More »

Top 10 Most Popular Country Singers of All Time in the World (LATEST)

Latest Review About Popular Country Singers: When it comes to the listing the top ten country singers, you are in for a herculean task. No one can really say that one singer is better than the other as this is a subjective thing. Popular Country Singers of the World are Below: Everyone tries to come up with lists… Read More »

The Top 4 Female Jazz And Soul Singers Of All Time in World (LATEST)

Latest Review About Female Singers Of All Time: Just imagine what kind of world we would have without music with our conversations revolving on topics like weather and work, whilst movies could be boring and lifeless without the musical components. Female Singers Of All Time Music is a vital part of living and through melody, lyrics and song… Read More »

Top 10 Best Singers in the World (LATEST)

Latest Review About Top 10 Best Singers in the World (LATEST): Trying to come up with the ten greatest country singers of all time can be as difficult as saying who your favorite child is. The country music industry is abundant with exceptional talents that it is really not that easy to determine which ones are the best of… Read More »